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The Helen Mission

Through Helen, we foresee a world where language does not separate people. We aim to reach out to the healthcare community in Sweden and to the rest of the world wherever language barriers affect healthcare quality. We envision Helen as an innovative e-health solution for the future, empowering Healthcare professionals and patients globally.


Improves Interaction

Healthcare staff and patients can communicate effectively using Helen’s accurate medical translations.


Faster Access

Helen helps patients communicate instantly with healthcare staff and receive care without delays.


Reduces Cost

Helen’s digital capabilities saves time for healthcare staff and reduces patient-care process times.

The Team

We are a team evolved from the academia of Linköping University, Sweden. We are an international and multicultural team with competences in the fields of Software engineering, Language technology, Cognitive science, Business administration, Innovation management and Medicine.

Abhishek Jacob Chethikatt

Co-founder & CEO

+46704-13 24 07

Naveen Sasidharan

Co-founder & COO

+46704-13 16 43

Rasmus Jönsson

Product Manager

Oskar Aagaard Fransson

Lead Developer

Pontus Lind

Medical Operations Executive

Art Valindore

Medical Operations Executive

Klara Gelin

Marketing & Customer Relations Developer

Robin Liendeborg

Business Developer & Advisor

Sebastian Andersson

Developer & Graphics Designer

Oscar Andersson

Legal Counsel

Feras Albajjary

Lead Translations Developer

Hadeel Said Ali

Product Support Specialist


Gitte Swaminathan

Medical Advisor
(Specialisation: Internal and Emergency Medicine, LiU US)

Sofia Freland

Medical Advisor
(Specialist Doctor- Emergency Medicine, LIU US)

Marco Kuhlmann

Technical Advisor
(Professor- Language Technology, LIU)

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