The Team

We are an international and multicultural team with competences in the fields of Software engineering, Language technology, Cognitive science, Business administration, Innovation management and Medicine.

Medical Advisory Board

  • Gitte Swaminathan

    Gitte Swaminathan

    Chief Medical Advisor
  • Sofia Freland

    Sofia Freland

    Senior Medical Advisor
  • Hans Tropp

    Hans Tropp

    Senior Medical Specialist Advisor
  • Christina Lundin

    Christina Lundin

    Medical Advisor & Researcher
  • Sanat Jannati

    Sanat Jannati

    Dental medical advisor

Business and Technology Advisory Board

  • Ajay Sharma

    Ajay Sharma

    Product & Technology Strategy Advisor
  • Tomas Larson

    Tomas Larson

    Business Coach
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