The Helen Mission

Through Helen, we foresee a world where language does not separate people. We aim to reach out to the healthcare community in Sweden and to the rest of the world wherever language barriers affect healthcare quality. We envision Helen as an innovative e-health solution for the future, empowering Healthcare professionals and patients globally.

Helen is currently being used in a variety of settings through out Sweden and can be tailored to any human interaction service.

Why Helen?

Improves Interaction

Healthcare staff and patients can communicate effectively using Helen’s accurate medical translations.

Faster Access

Helen helps patients communicate instantly with healthcare staff and receive care without delays.

Reduces Cost

Helen’s digital capabilities reduces patient-care process time and administration time for the health care staff.


Labour Ward

Pregnant mothers face even more challenges, due to language barriers, than anyone else. Our research shows that, a lot of the women coming to maternity wards decline the use of interpreters as they find it very compromising of their integrity having to talk to their doctor or midwife through a stranger. They feel their privacy is being compromised in such situations. There is a gender aspect also when it comes to women's health, espeacially when majority of language translators are are male translators. Helen has proved to be a problem solution here.

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Emergency Rooms

In emergency rooms, patient visits are highly unpredictable. So when patients requiring translation support show up and need immediate treatment, health care staff are left helpless. Due to low availability of interpreters patients often have to wait for a long time and the treatment is delayed as a result. With the assistent of Helen doctors and nurses can quickly have a dialog with the patient, without delays, and provide quick treatment.

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Primary Care

Triaging the patients and long queues have always been challenging for primary care clinics. Adding to it are problems associated with poor quality of interpreters, who are not medically certified and the misunderstandings caused by it. Helen provides a perfect platform to help the care clinics to do triaging, history taking, conveying the treatment plan and instructions for the patients while they are in the waiting- or examination room.

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Dental Care

Dental care is a crucial segment suffering because of inadequate communication support for the staff and patient. Helen provides an easy and interactive tool, that suits the needs of a dental care clinic. Whether it is asking few details to the patient at the reception, interviewing him or her in the examination room or giving out information about the dental procedures, Helen is there to assist you in your work.

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Beyond Healthcare

We are following a service design based approach to solving the communication barriers across different social care organizations. Helen can be tailored to fit any social setting, e.g. employment- or banking services. We understand your day to day scenarios and are actively developing innovative implementations of Helen that fits right into your workflow. This enables you to effectively overcome the language barriers encountered.

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